Analytics Connector

Leverage Google Analytics™ for your legacy SHOUTcast™ servers

Why Analytics?

Understanding your audience is essential to growing your listener base. A proper analytics solution for your listener data is the key to insight. With the AudioPump Analytics Connector it becomes possible to use the power and simplicity of Google Analytics™ for your internet radio streams.

How it works

Live log data from SHOUTcast servers is received by AudioPump servers, which is then sent on as pageviews and events to Google Analytics

AudioPump servers create a connection to the log tail feature of your SHOUTcast servers. As listeners come and go, "pageviews" are triggered for a Google Analytics URL that you specify.

Metadata is logged with the page view so that you can track performance of specific content.


The Analytics Connector is for legacy SHOUTcast™ v1.x servers only. For a more modern solution, consider using the AudioPump Content Delivery Network which includes Google Analytics™ out-of-the-box.

Getting Started

To use Analytics Connector, log into our legacy administrative interface.